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Design Process

Phase 1: Design 
3-4 Months

Phase 2: Permitting 
3-6 Months

Phase 3: Building 
12-14 Months

Phase 4: Home Sweet Home

Once the land is acquired, the custom home design process can start! You will meet with our designers over the course of 3-4 months to dial in your custom home from the overall layout to the extreme details like how many shoe shelves you would like in your master closet!

We can submit for building permits as soon as the structural design is complete. This phase overlaps with the design phase in that the structural design can be completed in about two 2 months. At this point our permitting team would start Phase 2 while the design team finishes the interior details of Phase 1.

Track homes are completed in 9-12 months, however, custom homes require a much higher level of attention to detail because there are many unique factors.

We will work directly with the city inspectors to receive final occupancy. Handing you the keys to your brand new fully custom home is what we look forward to the most! 

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321 NE Birch St,

Camas, WA 98607




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